Friday, August 27, 2010

rsults up2..

al0ha!!meet again,yeah!actlly,im vry bring rite n0w..fb,ma fwenz all,x actve anymre bc0z its vry b0red ply ms 2 me..bck 2 the m0tion,actlly i wnna 2 tll u abt my up2 rsult..nt too gud n nt too bd..s0,juz tke it as mderate...i gt 5a's only in the test n i gt c 4 my chmist..i hte chmist,actlly..haha!c0z its mre abt equati0n then learn abt mtl2..whts tht?!!my dream 2 gt staight a's in dis test didnt hppen..hte it!!btw i kn0w there is hkmh frm ths rsult..mybe g0d wnna me 2 study mrer thn b4..actlly,i didnt study hrd b4 i tke d test..i juz study 'hgt2 tahi aym'..huhu!!im a ps0n wh0 l0ve study lst mnutes..i think if i stdy early,i,ll 4get it..s0,i dcided 2 study lst mnutes..s0,whn the rsult cme 0ut,its suitble wif h0w i stdy..thn,i g0t B 4 bi..thx g0d!!actlly,bi ws vry hrd 2 me..its 100% abt grmmr n u kn0w tht my weakness in bi is GRAMMAR..luckily,b4 tht my fwenz explain abit abt grammr 2 me..thx fwenz!!thn,m0ve 2 sjarah..i gt a- in it..i vry sh0cked bc0z i only stdy sjarh the dy b4 the sjrh test..mybe rzeki,rite?!!thn,mth m0de..whn i t0ok the test,it ws vry ez..btw,whn i gt rsult,its ttlly suckz!!!its ok,i,ll try the bst 4 d nxt time..thts all,nthing 2 write anymre..BYE!!!

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