Saturday, August 21, 2010


2day,im 0uting wif ma drmte n others fwenz..actlly,the main p0int we 0uting is bcoz wbba 2 g0 to bxar..there is nthing 2 d0 at d0rm..i blieve,if i stay at d0rm,i will full-fill ma time with sleeping,sleeping n sleeping..bc0z we dnt hve other w0rk.if wtch tv,the tv is on the gr0und d0rm is at the 2nd floor s0 it,ll be a bit tired 2 g0 d0wn..back 2 the m0ti0n(language accrdg 2 dbate),juz know i hd a dbate amg f4..the judges are ws vry hard..(4 me)..i cnt speak fluently in the dbate..actlly,im abit sad bc0z of tht...i doent hve cnfdent 2 speak..i dunno why..if in the old sch0wl ,i l0ve tlking until my tcher d evr cal me mk cik..haha!
we hd 2 dbate..1st dbate is abt tkc is btter thn sabda n 2nd mti0n ws donald dubk should wear pants(the silliest mti0n tht i hde evr heard)..thx g0d my house get 1st in scnd dbate n ma prtner is the bez very pr0ud(alth0ugh its nt me..)hehe3!
btw i think aftr this i dnt wnt be shy anymre..actlly dbate is vry fun bcoz we must 2stnd wif 0ur mtion..bside mke our english impr0ve,it cn mke our mind think..whn is speak juz know,i vry nrv0us until wht i said ws vry nncense..argh!!!4 get it..
i think aftr this i mst mre prctice n bcome a gud speaker nxt time(wish me,ok!)
thts all,da!

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