Sunday, August 15, 2010


juz now,i bersahur..haha!!i ate many kinda food..sch as choclte cke,paprik,chickn s0up n mny mre..n0w,my st0mach ws full..huhu! actlly 2dy is my 1st dy brsahur wif ma fmily..actlly,b4 this i brsahur in the sch0ol c0z im a b0arding scho0l sdent.. the fo0d tht hd given in the scho0l were vry bad n i hte it..thy only gave fish n vege only..urgh!!mybe bc0z b4 this i nver brsahur in scho0l s0 tht i hte it vry much...then,i als0 mst wke up vry early in the mrning tht ws the h0me,i cn wake a bit lte like 5.00..s0 i,ll nt be sleepy on the dy..btw fsting in scho0l d0esnt tiring bc0z 0ur schedle ws vry packed..we,re bz al d tme..mrning,g0 2 scho0l..evning,tdarus aq n nght,we all brtrawih..we brtrawih 4 20 ws s0 long..btw actlly its vry gud 4 stdnt,rite?!!
until there,bye!!!

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