Sunday, August 15, 2010

exam weekz!

lst week,i started my ws quiet tough...4 the 1st time,i didnt ready 4 exm..i only 0pned the b0ok 1 weeks b4 exm..terrible rite?!!actly,i've arranged the timetble 4 my study btw didnt fll0w it..bcoz wht?bc0z i alwyz taught tht its only up2..juz an up2..btw whn i enter the ws probably sucks!!on the 1st dy n the 1st pper tht ws bm,i hd already d0ne silly mstake..i ws vry sad on tht time..chnge t0 2nd day,it was mate n sjarah..i taught mate ws easy...4 sjarah,it ws mre easier(THE ANT0NIM)..HAHA!actlly,i vry hte sjrh..s0 tht,i only read sjrah on the day b4..actlly sjarh is nt bad btw it need me 2 memorize alotz of fact..i l0ve mm0rizing btw if sjarh,im s0rry!! on the 3rd dy,my xm paper were admth n agma..+mth actlly ws vry ez..only cncept tht the exm m0st abt..u know what,,dy b4 i hd stdied +mth f0r 4 h0urs n it only abt l0g..i cnt undrstand it at all..m0st of my fwenz said tht l0g is the easiest t0pic in +mth btw 4 me it,s vry cnfusing me..hve 1 dy,i ws crying bc0z i cnt d0 the l0g questi0n..:( btw im sure i,ll clvr in l0g 1 dy..on the 4th dy,i answr physic n chmistry pper..physic ws quiet easy btw nt 4 chmist..i hd already gt cnfuse wif 1st questi0n in chmist pper...urghh!!thn,0n the lst dy,i hd bi0n pj pper..bi0wsvry easy..vry grteful bc0z it ws nt pressre 2 answer the questi0n..n 4 pj,like alwyz..i,ll hentam all the questi0n bcoz dnt think it imp0rtnt..mny of my clzmte g0 out early bc0z thy hd alrdy d0ne the exm..haha!
i think thts all 4 t0day..1 thing tht i wnt 2 sy,i ws alrdy b0ught bju rye..beautiful!!n i l0ve it..

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