Friday, August 27, 2010

rsults up2..

al0ha!!meet again,yeah!actlly,im vry bring rite n0w..fb,ma fwenz all,x actve anymre bc0z its vry b0red ply ms 2 me..bck 2 the m0tion,actlly i wnna 2 tll u abt my up2 rsult..nt too gud n nt too bd..s0,juz tke it as mderate...i gt 5a's only in the test n i gt c 4 my chmist..i hte chmist,actlly..haha!c0z its mre abt equati0n then learn abt mtl2..whts tht?!!my dream 2 gt staight a's in dis test didnt hppen..hte it!!btw i kn0w there is hkmh frm ths rsult..mybe g0d wnna me 2 study mrer thn b4..actlly,i didnt study hrd b4 i tke d test..i juz study 'hgt2 tahi aym'..huhu!!im a ps0n wh0 l0ve study lst mnutes..i think if i stdy early,i,ll 4get it..s0,i dcided 2 study lst mnutes..s0,whn the rsult cme 0ut,its suitble wif h0w i stdy..thn,i g0t B 4 bi..thx g0d!!actlly,bi ws vry hrd 2 me..its 100% abt grmmr n u kn0w tht my weakness in bi is GRAMMAR..luckily,b4 tht my fwenz explain abit abt grammr 2 me..thx fwenz!!thn,m0ve 2 sjarah..i gt a- in it..i vry sh0cked bc0z i only stdy sjarh the dy b4 the sjrh test..mybe rzeki,rite?!!thn,mth m0de..whn i t0ok the test,it ws vry ez..btw,whn i gt rsult,its ttlly suckz!!!its ok,i,ll try the bst 4 d nxt time..thts all,nthing 2 write anymre..BYE!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

smpi umah!

aftr 2 mggu x brblgging,s0,ari neyh aku mau blgging..haha!actlly,ari neyh ws d 1st tme aku smpi umah k0l 6..c0z wht?!!c0z aku bleyk dr sklh kul 2 la..thn,dr sklh nek bs t.i k0l 2.30....smpi t.i k0l 4 pm..slalunyew sjam jew btw dsbbkn pmandu 2 amt brkhemah skaley,smpi lah kte 0wunk dgn lmbt nyew...nxt t0pic!pjam-clik2,lg 2 mggu kte nk rye kn..cpt gler mse brlalu...aku dpt cti smpi 19.9..bez glew..actlly smpi 13 jew btw mse 2 rye ktige,mner ade owunk nk bleyk asrme..mse tgh con0wk rye tbe2 sklh,,nseb bek sklh ade hti yg mlia..(kdg2 jew..hehe!)...ha!nk cter ckit,td ade la s0rang mmat neyh dgn kwn dyer tgk2 aku..thn,s0rg 2 ckp dn dialog nyew bgini "oh..yg 2 kew.." aku plix la kn..x taw dyer ckp kt aku or kwn aku btw antre mmt kt c2,ade s0rg yg mnt kt kwn aku..mybe tntg 2 k0wt..thn,aku trus jln nk nek bs..pas2 trnmpk ar s0rg laki neyh..bez gler!x kmpunan ar ble bleyk nnt..(gtal ckit,haha!)..x taw nk cter aper lg dh..i2 je k0wt..klah,bye!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


2day,im 0uting wif ma drmte n others fwenz..actlly,the main p0int we 0uting is bcoz wbba 2 g0 to bxar..there is nthing 2 d0 at d0rm..i blieve,if i stay at d0rm,i will full-fill ma time with sleeping,sleeping n sleeping..bc0z we dnt hve other w0rk.if wtch tv,the tv is on the gr0und d0rm is at the 2nd floor s0 it,ll be a bit tired 2 g0 d0wn..back 2 the m0ti0n(language accrdg 2 dbate),juz know i hd a dbate amg f4..the judges are ws vry hard..(4 me)..i cnt speak fluently in the dbate..actlly,im abit sad bc0z of tht...i doent hve cnfdent 2 speak..i dunno why..if in the old sch0wl ,i l0ve tlking until my tcher d evr cal me mk cik..haha!
we hd 2 dbate..1st dbate is abt tkc is btter thn sabda n 2nd mti0n ws donald dubk should wear pants(the silliest mti0n tht i hde evr heard)..thx g0d my house get 1st in scnd dbate n ma prtner is the bez very pr0ud(alth0ugh its nt me..)hehe3!
btw i think aftr this i dnt wnt be shy anymre..actlly dbate is vry fun bcoz we must 2stnd wif 0ur mtion..bside mke our english impr0ve,it cn mke our mind think..whn is speak juz know,i vry nrv0us until wht i said ws vry nncense..argh!!!4 get it..
i think aftr this i mst mre prctice n bcome a gud speaker nxt time(wish me,ok!)
thts all,da!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


juz now,i bersahur..haha!!i ate many kinda food..sch as choclte cke,paprik,chickn s0up n mny mre..n0w,my st0mach ws full..huhu! actlly 2dy is my 1st dy brsahur wif ma fmily..actlly,b4 this i brsahur in the sch0ol c0z im a b0arding scho0l sdent.. the fo0d tht hd given in the scho0l were vry bad n i hte it..thy only gave fish n vege only..urgh!!mybe bc0z b4 this i nver brsahur in scho0l s0 tht i hte it vry much...then,i als0 mst wke up vry early in the mrning tht ws the h0me,i cn wake a bit lte like 5.00..s0 i,ll nt be sleepy on the dy..btw fsting in scho0l d0esnt tiring bc0z 0ur schedle ws vry packed..we,re bz al d tme..mrning,g0 2 scho0l..evning,tdarus aq n nght,we all brtrawih..we brtrawih 4 20 ws s0 long..btw actlly its vry gud 4 stdnt,rite?!!
until there,bye!!!

exam weekz!

lst week,i started my ws quiet tough...4 the 1st time,i didnt ready 4 exm..i only 0pned the b0ok 1 weeks b4 exm..terrible rite?!!actly,i've arranged the timetble 4 my study btw didnt fll0w it..bcoz wht?bc0z i alwyz taught tht its only up2..juz an up2..btw whn i enter the ws probably sucks!!on the 1st dy n the 1st pper tht ws bm,i hd already d0ne silly mstake..i ws vry sad on tht time..chnge t0 2nd day,it was mate n sjarah..i taught mate ws easy...4 sjarah,it ws mre easier(THE ANT0NIM)..HAHA!actlly,i vry hte sjrh..s0 tht,i only read sjrah on the day b4..actlly sjarh is nt bad btw it need me 2 memorize alotz of fact..i l0ve mm0rizing btw if sjarh,im s0rry!! on the 3rd dy,my xm paper were admth n agma..+mth actlly ws vry ez..only cncept tht the exm m0st abt..u know what,,dy b4 i hd stdied +mth f0r 4 h0urs n it only abt l0g..i cnt undrstand it at all..m0st of my fwenz said tht l0g is the easiest t0pic in +mth btw 4 me it,s vry cnfusing me..hve 1 dy,i ws crying bc0z i cnt d0 the l0g questi0n..:( btw im sure i,ll clvr in l0g 1 dy..on the 4th dy,i answr physic n chmistry pper..physic ws quiet easy btw nt 4 chmist..i hd already gt cnfuse wif 1st questi0n in chmist pper...urghh!!thn,0n the lst dy,i hd bi0n pj pper..bi0wsvry easy..vry grteful bc0z it ws nt pressre 2 answer the questi0n..n 4 pj,like alwyz..i,ll hentam all the questi0n bcoz dnt think it imp0rtnt..mny of my clzmte g0 out early bc0z thy hd alrdy d0ne the exm..haha!
i think thts all 4 t0day..1 thing tht i wnt 2 sy,i ws alrdy b0ught bju rye..beautiful!!n i l0ve it..